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Advertising Rates 2015

Includes up to 650 words of copy, one jpg or gif image no larger than 100kb (will be scaled to 150 x 130 pixels), an additionla 5 images, Facebook and Twitter contacts plus a link to advertisers web site.

Accommodations - Apartments, B&B's, Guest Houses, Hotels, Pubs & Inns (with rooms) - £65.00 per year

Things to Do - Attractions, Activities, Restaurants & Shops - £45.00 per year

728 x 90 Banner Ad rotates through entire site - £25.00 per month

160 x 600 Skyscraper Ad rotates through entire site - £25.00 per month

Our blog is not for sales pitches, we accept limited guest posts but they must be informational, subjects we encourage you to submit post for are:

- why to visit specific cities, regions or counties of the UK
- attractions
- events

Blog post up to 800 words plus two images and a link to web site plus social media promotion on Facebook & Twitter - £100.00 per post

*****We will consider trading rooms nights or dining experiences for advertising*****

Payment accepted via PayPal or US dollar check only.

IMPORTANT: Advertising is accepted from Activities, Apartments, Attractions, Hotels, Pubs/Inns, Restaurants and Shopping only.

We reserves the right to deny any advertising that we don't feel appropriate or doesn't meet the standards to be recommended on our site. We encourage the submission of historical photography, particular for hotel properties and will include them over and above image limits.

Please contact
for more information or if you have questions.